Is your organization in need of a content management system? Look no further than – OpenText’s Application Content Management or ACM. This system has all of the components to support your content management needs. Features of OpenText’s ACM system include modern UI, easy-to-use RESTful services, simplified administration & remote management, and broadened support for authentication. This system is also incredibly user friendly and makes the approval process much more simple. Through this system, organizations can approve contracts, purchases, and much more. Also, all of this can be done on one system, eliminating the need for additional systems.

OpenText describes their Application Content Management system as, “a single, integrated content services platform to help organizations quickly and easily manage content from capture to use in lead applications.”

Modern UI

The Modern UI feature offers a streamlined and easy to use interface. You can also adjust the interface to reflect a process driven organization. In addition, organizations can utilize this system on almost any HTML5-Compliant browser without any plug-ins.

Easy-To-Use RESTful Services

REST services provide a very efficient and resource focused API. This is to develop faster & more efficient solutions. The solutions can also be geared to many platforms including mobile, web, as well as other connected platforms. REST services also allow for a full two-way connection between the system of interaction and the content service.

Simplified Administration & Remote Management

Simplified administration as well as remote management, can eliminate the need for a desktop client. This happens by enabling simple deployment. As a result, this will allow you to be able to easily manage everything over the web.

Broadened Support for Authentication

“Supports single sign-on technologies and authentication engines to enable tight integrations with other applications, improve security and offer a seamless user experience.” -OpenText

Benefits of Application Content Management (ACM):
  • Easy Deployment
  • Choice of UI
  • Secure
  • Extend into Workflows and Forms
  • & Much More!


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