Get your documents under control with our Service Bureau. Our Service Bureau is here to make your life easier!

Our Digital Mailroom Scanning Services can accelerate the process of sorting and sending invoices, forms, or any other incoming physical mail. BSC can help get your documents under control through converting your physical documents into digital images, as well as, electronic records by scanning and indexing your paper files. Thus, drastically reducing the amount of time, money and space spent processing documents.

In addition, our services are confidential, safe, and convenient.

Our Services Include:

  • Digital Mailroom Services
  • Scanning and Document Services
  • Microfiche, Microfilm & Aperture Card Scanning Services
  • Large Format Scanning Services
  • Bound Material & Book Scanning Services
  • Document Imaging
  • File Folders and Labels

A Digital Mailroom can:

  • Allow Same-day access to Mail – regardless of employee location
  • Eliminate hand-delivered mail – reduces risks
  • Protect records privacy
  • Employees have a secure, organized location that auto stores their mail
  • Auditable electronic record of incoming mail – Date/Time Stamp when received and reviewed
  • Reclaim office space –process mail anywhere
  • Increase productivity and customer service level
  • Reduce carbon footprint – move towards a paperless office


Overall there are many benefits that can come from scanning and converting documents, such as a dramatic reduction in cost associated with processing and distributing paper. Also, another benefit is you will now be able to easily track all mail and documents due to their electronic form. Lastly, these services will ultimately save your organization time, money and space.


Interested? Contact Business Systems & Consultants today at (205) 988-3300 or complete our contact form and we’ll help you find the perfect solution for all of your scanning needs. Based in Birmingham, BSC provides mobile storage systems as well as scanning services throughout Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas, and Florida.