Digitally Research through converting valuable microfilm images to a digital format. This provides end users easy access to archived information.

Let BSC convert your roll microfilm, microfilm jackets, aperture cards, or microfiche to a digital format.

Also, here at BSC we can help you with the process of scanning and archiving vital microfilm that you maintain for research.

Benefits of Digitizing Microfilm: 

  • Streamline Researching Process
  • Information All in One Place
  • Instant Availability 
  • Uniformity of Content 

Converting your microfilm has many other benefits that are unrelated to being able to digitally research, such as it will reduce space that was used for storage by up to 95%. Also, since you will no longer need physical space to store microfilm, your storage cost will nearly be non-existent.

More benefits of converting your microfilm is that you will be able to reduce labor time typically needed for finding records. Also it will give employees EASY access to mountains of information.

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