Automate your accounts payable process through BSC’s software & automation solutions. At BSC we understand every organization, despite size, has and needs an accounts payable person/department. That is why we offer Filebound, through our partner Upland, to automate and simplify your accounts payable process.

Consider automating your accounts payable process IF you want to simplify and streamline your accounts payable process. Subsequently increasing efficiency, accuracy, and cutting cost in your organization. Through automating your accounts payable process, you will be able to automate & accelerate purchase orders as well as invoicing. Also, you will now have the ability to monitor payment status in real-time from your dashboard. This software provides the ability to manage vendor selection and facilitate onboarding much easier. Filebound also provides an online self-service portal to keep all processes moving smoothly.

Benefits of Automating your Accounts Payable Process
  • Get more done with a strategic approach to accounting processes
  • Automate and accelerate purchase orders
  • Automate and accelerate invoicing
  • Easily monitor payment status in real-time
  • Efficiently manage vendor selection and facilitate onboarding


This software can be integrated with your existing ERP system to standardize your accounts payable practices across multiple locations which allows for you to quickly onboard and manage new vendors, increasing efficiency and productivity. Also, your team will no longer have to manage and route invoices physically or via email, due to Filebound’s workflow and document automation solution. Overall, Filebound makes invoices and payments easy and straightforward. When you automate your accounts payable process, your accounts payable team will no longer have to do time consuming paperwork, allowing employees to do more meaningful and valuable tasks. Increase your accuracy and efficiency today, through our accounts payable automation solution.

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