Change the way your organization operates when you implement any of the top 5 office storage solutions we offer in Alabama! Improve workflow & increase efficiency when implementing any one of these 5 solutions.

Top 5 Office Storage Solutions:

    • High-Density Mobile Shelving
    • Open Filing Shelving
    • Vertical Carousels for Files
    • Rotary Filing Cabinets
    • Document Filing Systems


High Density Mobile Shelving

The perfect storage solution for offices with challenging spaces, as well as large offices. These storage units can commonly be seen in Law Offices or Doctor Offices, this is because the units are perfect for organizations that have an consistent flow of new documents that need to be stored. If this sounds like the solution that best fits your needs, call us today for more information.

High Density Shelving Units |Business Systems & Consultants

Open File Shelving

Great for organizations that need to constantly access the documents/folders that need to be stored. The shelving allows for documents to be clearly visible, so that they are easily retrievable. These storage units might most commonly be seen/associated with libraries, but these units can be beneficial to a variety of industries, due to the fact that they can provide much more filing space per square foot compared to traditional filing cabinets.

Mobile Storage Systems | Business Systems & Consultants

Vertical Automated Carousels

The next great storage solution. We partnered with Hanel to bring you the industry leading VLM, The Rotomat. A vertical automated carousel can commonly be seen in the healthcare industry, as well as many other industries. These storage units provide a great amount of storage in the least amount of space. The Rotomat also allows for a great control over your inventory of documents, which accounts for less lost/missing documents & increased efficiency. These systems also provide a great amount of security to ensure you’re sensitive documents are safe.

preservation of your records

 Rotary Files 

These storage units are perfect for the healthcare, education, or government  industries, because they are secure and maintain HIPAA compliance. This system is perfect for your organization if you need to store binders, folders, office supplies, and more.

Datum Rotary

Document Filing Systems

Now that we’ve discussed the storage solutions, we need to help you organize your system. With our document filing systems and solutions we offer color coded file folders, color pressboard folders, computer generated label printing software, and label supplies. This is to help organize your documents in the storage solution of your choosing. This system works for all storage solutions & industries. When using this system your documents, files, folders, binders, and more, will be easily file and organize as well as easy to retrieve when needed.

document filing systems

Why Choose BSC?

If any of these solutions/systems seemed beneficial to your organization, give us a call! Here at BSC we can help you select the perfect solution to fit your organizations needs, as well as help you implement/install the system/solution.

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