BSC offers many scanning services in Memphis, Tennessee. These Services include scanning documents, microfilm & microfiche, large format documents, and bound material. Our Service Bureau scans these materials, in addition to converting them into a digital format. We understand most people will be familiar with basic document scanning and its benefits but many might not understand microfilm, large document, and bound material scanning and their benefits. First, it is important to understand what each type of these scanning services entails. 

How do you scan Microfilm and Microfiche?

Our service bureau scans your microfilm and microfiche with a specific scanner made for reading microfilm. This means we can scan your roll microfilm, microfilm jackets, aperture cards, and microfiche into a digital format. Also, through our scanning services microfilm can transform into a completely digital form. When digitizing your microfilm you are also repurposing space, enhancing information preservation, improving disaster recovery, and creating better security for the information on the microfilm/microfiche. Converting valuable microfilm images to a digital format also provides end users easy access to archived information. Other benefits of converting your microfilm/fiche include:

  • Quick Access to Information
  • Streamline Researching Processes
  • All Information in One Place
  • Instant Availability
  • Uniformity of Content 


How do you scan Large Format Documents?

First off we should consider what qualifies as a large format document. Large format documents include, but are not limited to:


Essentially any over sized document would qualify for our large format document scanning. Our Service Bureau has large document scanners to accommodate these types of documents. Typically these documents are rolled up, taking up space in the corner of offices or storage closets, and hard to access. When converting these documents, you are saving space in your office as well as time in which it would take you to access the information in these documents. Overall, there are many benefits to having your large format documents scanned by our service bureau. Benefits such as, enhanced productivity, centrally scanned and indexed, and an improvement in document control.


How do you scan Bound Material?

One of our most interesting scanners is our Bound Material Scanner, or book scanner. This scanner was specifically made to scan bound material such as books, city council meeting minutes, yearbooks, title books, textbooks, circuit clerk books, and much more. Also, through this service we are able to convert your bound material into a more accessible digital form.

 “Scanning bound books leads to a user-friendly way for readers and organizations to quickly find archived material. You no longer have to rummage through old books to find one specific topic or thought; rather you can look through your electronic documents, search exactly what you’ve been trying to find, and have it immediately at your fingertips. When scanning bound material, you no longer have to worry about security issues because all your documents are stored under your secured network.”


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