BSC Offers Annual Service Contracts for Our Hardware Equipment :

At BSC we offer and annual service contracts for all of our hardware equipment.

Do you have one of the following:

-Document Scanners

-Check Scanners

-Microfilm Scanners and Equipment (Scanpro and others)

-Book Scanners-Wide Format Scanners

-Kardex Lektriever,  Kardex Promptus 99, Kardex S-80, or  Kardex Titan

-Hanel Rotomat or Hanel Lean Lift

-Mobile Shelving Systems

We have plans that cover all the labor for a one year time frame. Some plans cover parts and some plans cover preventative maintenance checkups.

Please contact us today for pricing on your microfilm equipment, scanners or automated carousels in Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas, Georgia, or Florida.

How it works:

-We send you an invoice 3 months before your maintenance contract is due.

-Product is then covered for a year time frame (multiyear options available, too at discounted prices)

-You call in to 205-988-3300 or email anytime you need to place a service call.

-Priority service is received by all contract holders!

Why have a Maintenance Plan? What are the Benefits?

Having regular preventative maintenance helps reduce unforeseeable problems. By having this regular maintenance you can catch and solve problems before they even arise. Also, a maintenance plan helps reduce downtime. Additionally, a maintenance plan will improve the equipment life, prolonging its use much longer than if you did not have a maintenance plan. Lastly you should have a maintenance plan because it provide stability AND saves you money.


Contact a local BSC representative at 205-988-3300 or for more information.