Movable Shelving, Mobile shelving, rolling files, mobile aisle shelving, high density shelving, space saving shelving, compactus, roller racking, & rolling stack are all terms used to shelving or storage units fitted with wheeled traction systems. Mobile Shelving Systems are the best solution when your office is running out of usable space. Mobile shelving can cut the space needed of storage in half!

There are many different models of these Shelving units, which all serve different purposes and meet different needs. These different models include:

  • High-Density Storage
  • Electronic High-Density Storage
  • Low-Profile Mobile Storage
  • Track Mounted High Density Storage

Also, these shelving systems can either be manual, mechanical assist, or electronic. Manual mobile shelving systems are moved by pulling the handle, which moves the cabinet from left to right. Mechanical Assist mobile shelving systems typically have a rotary handle on the exterior, which allows the user to move the filing unit left or right, by rotating the rotary handle clockwise or counterclockwise. Lastly, Electronic mobile shelving systems can move with the push of a button or touch of an LCD screen. These systems are the most costly but they are also the most advanced & safe system.


Types of Shelving Systems

High Density storage systems are the system for you if your company High Density Shelving Units | Business Systems & Consultantshas grown, causing your need for storage to also grow. These shelving units can keep your company from having to outsource your storage or having to expand your facility.

Electronic High Density Storage would be for you if your company needs to securely store your items. This system has one touch controls to allow access storage aisles. This unit also allows a variety of shelving possibilities.

Low Profile Mobile Storage was made for challenging spaces. This Gemtrac Media Storagestorage system is able to maximize storage capabilities in areas with low ceilings. This allows for you to keep up with your growing archives, and keep documents in the same place.

Track Mounted High Density Storage are storage systems on a rolling track, to be able to move the storage system for easy access. This unit is customizable for your various storage needs. There is rubber at the ends to stop the wheels and has smooth rolling wheels. This system is also has easy & quiet movements, which makes is great for being in offices.

The main reasons to switch to mobile shelving:

  1. Maximize Space:  Having a mobile storage system will allow for the optimization of your office space. Mobile shelving holds THREE times more capacity than average storage methods.
  2. Create Extra Space: Now with your space maximized, you will have extra space in the office. This is great for a growing business that is requiring more space.
  3. Reduce Retrieval Time:  Items will be easier to locate because they will be in shelving units, when you compare it to being in filing cabinets. Shelving units allow for more organization and accessibility.
  4. Centralizing Storage: Centralize your storage by moving all items to a mobile storage unit and placing the unit in the office for easy accessibility.
  5. Looks Amazing: These customizable mobile shelving units you can add a little decor to your office, this is because these units can have colored, graphic or vinyl end panels.




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