Record Management is a great way to improve your current filing system. Additionally, many industries would benefit from improving their paper filing system with a new document management system. Through a document management system, it could minimize the amount of documents while also making a more organized/quicker system that will ultimately save YOU time & money.


12 Ways To Improve Record Management:

  1. Discard Inactive Files.
  2. Inventory Records
  3. Convert to a side tab folder system
  4. Evaluate Current Labeling Standards
  5. Choose the Correct Folder
  6. Use Indexes or Partitions
  7. On demand labeling system
  8. Standardize
  9. Implement Processes
  10. Implement Records Management Software
  11. Develop a Records Management Manual
  12. Report Savings/Accomplishments


Discard Inactive Files:

If the filing system is not actively cleaned there could be inactive files & also duplicate files occupying space. Once these are removed the organization & the retrieval process will be much better.

Inventory records

Taking inventory of your records is important part of improving record management. Through this step you can create a standard for labeling, this labeling system will be especially important if you decide to convert to a records management software.

Side Tab Folder System

A side tab folder system is different compared to a traditional cabinet storage. This system allows for quicker retrieval and increase in productivity.

Current Labeling System

Take a look at your current labeling system. If your current labeling system is limiting productivity, you can improve it by simplifying the system.

Correct Folder

It is important to choose the correct folder based on your needs. You can design your folder to fit your needs based on # of documents, activity, also the length of time records will be kept active.

Indexes or Partitions

By using folders with indexes or partitions it helps to organize and also standardize the documents in the filing system.

On Demand Labeling System

With on demand labeling systems, you can print specific labels for files. Therefore, you can create a numeric or alphanumeric labeling system.

Standardize Documents

Standardizing all of your documents, files, supplies, etc. will  make the overall retrieval as well as the organization process much easier. This will also set up a guideline for future additions to your filing system.

Apply Processes

Now is the time to implement or apply all of the following processes, that we have spoke about previously, to your filing system.

Implement Records Management Software

After applying all of the processes previously spoken about, it is time to implement a records management software. Learn more here.  

Develop a Management Manual

Create a manual that details the filing system, and document management procedures. This is important to have on hand to keep the system organized as well as it being a learning tool for employees.

Savings & Accomplishments

After all of the above is completed, it is time to evaluate how much savings were acquired and accomplishments were made. Thus, through improving your record management with the steps above, your should see significant savings and an increase in efficiency and productivity.



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