Solutions to Help Your Business Save Money:

The business world is evolving every day and has tremendously over time. Many times people are working remotely out of the office and the office spaces are smaller than they used to be. Commercial open spaces are the new trend with closed doors and high cubicles are going to the way side. High density mobile storage might be the answer.

Another trend is the move from paper to electronic documents allowing for more remote and telework in today’s day and time. General Services Administration (GSA) headquarters gave us a preview of what today would now look like. The remodel enabled the GSA to stop leasing building space and cut the average worker’s space down significantly, which in turn, has saved millions of US dollars.

BSC has been helping companies save space since 1976, so this is not a new concept. To get to the point, How can your business save money? BSC offers storage solutions to answer your concerns. We sit down with you, listen to your needs and pain points, and then find a solution that is custom for you.

Is paper the problem?

Paper takes up a lot of space in your business office. Companies are storing it wherever they can find space. Whether it is in cabinets, boxes, off site storage, under desks, cubbies, etc. Look around; I bet it’s a lot. The paper you have is more than likely important documents you need to save, so it might be time to convert your paper documents to digital documents. Imagine how much space you would have by converting to digital documents. Check out our scanning page about conversion services:

Go Automated

The Automated File Cabinets, or even Electric File Cabinets use the vertical height as storage space and bring the items right to your fingertips. These systems are often called many names which include: carousel, ASRS, automated storage systems, Electrievers, Lekrievers, Hanels, Kardex, vertical carousels, etc. Read more about the automated carousels here:

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The business environment is ever changing. BSC has adapted to the technologies of the world over time. We need to work smarter and more efficient in today’s day and time. Our solutions are here to help your business save money and become even more efficient in today’s technical world.

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