What is document scanning?

The most frequently asked question of all is “what is document scanning?” Document scanning is the process of converting your hard paper documents to a digital format by using a scanner. After that, the documents are in a digital form and can be stored and indexed in a digital archive.

Why would you scan your documents?

More businesses are scanning today to increase productivity of their employees, cut costs down and improve access to their digital files. Also by scanning files the information is easier and quicker to locate. Many times, before scanning, files and documents were in traditional lateral file cabinets, warehouses, off-site storage and were forgotten or lost. Scanning helps increase their find-ability.

Why should you store documents digitally?

Scanning eliminates having physical paper and file storage. This elimination, allows you to use the floor space that would be used for file cabinets and storage shelving. Also, it eliminates purchasing some file folders, labels, etc. along with the personnel that manages it all. This article has great examples on why you should store documents digitally.

Does scanning provide disaster recovery and security?

In a paper filing system documents can be lost, stolen, misplaced or destroyed from disasters. Scanned files have more security when they are in digital form instead of paper. Therefore, a back up plan is important for your critical files and helps prevent losing them and safety from disaster.

Why outsource scanning?

BSC has specialized in scanning services since 1976 and can handle large volumes of records (hundred to thousands). State-of-the-art high speed scanners are used to scan the files to images with quality checks performed throughout. Faster and more accurate than doing yourself. Not to mention having to purchase the equipment, maintain the scanner equipment, employee training, hiring of employees, and management of the project.