Business Systems & Consultants has been in business for over 43 years serving industries all across the southeast region. Some of our services include conversion services such as document scanning servicesmircofilm scanninglarge format scanning, and more.

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BSC Scanning Services – Birmingham Alabama

Paper to digital:

Converting your paper-based records into electronic documents can yield significant benefits. One benefit is, square footage is freed for other purposes. Another benefit is information is available at the click of a mouse & each document can be protected. In addition, the document can be protected with offsite back-up to insure disaster recovery.Scanning Services | Business Systems & Consultants

Data Entry:

If your documents are already scanned, we’re happy to assist you in indexing the additional information required. In other words, we provide indexing services to simplify the process of retrieving documents.

Large Format and Bound Material Scanning:

BSC provides large format scanning services. When seeking companies that provide document scanning services that suite their needs, contractors, engineers, architects, libraries, museums, etc. expect reliable service and high quality images. BSC is a leader in document management and boasts years of experience in comprehensive wide format scanning. We can convert your engineering drawings, maps, architectural drawings, records, files, etc. into tiff’s or pdf’s. In addition, bound material can also be digitized by our conversion services staff.wide format scanner

Managing information is about managing change

Changing information and changing regulations often leaves offices overwhelmed. That’s why we offer a wide array of sophisticated conversion services. For example, scanning services, microfilming services, and much more. BSC has offered conversion services since 1976.

Our conversion staff, better known as the Service Bureau, knows how to handle each document, smoothing every system transition. Therefore, the resulting records will be of the highest quality, produced by the most advanced imaging equipment. Additionally, we have the capacity to transfer documents or microfilm images – from small offices to a multi-national firm, we can handle any conversion need.

Microfilm Services

Converting valuable microfilm images to a digital format provides end users easy access to archived information. For instance, BSC can convert your roll microfilm. microfilm jackets, aperture cards, or microfiche to a digital format.

microfilm scanner

In addition, for archival disaster recovery solutions, BSC can create microfilm from digital images. Also, this eye-readable back solution provides an alternative to storing original hard copy documents.

BSC is here for you

If you’re on the fence about converting your documents or records to a digital format, sign up for a free assessment and speak with a representative about your unique situation, after that, we’ll help you in any way we can.

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