Business Systems and Consultants have been in business for over 42 years. We serve industries in need of scanning and conversion services as well as office storage solutions. Office storage solutions help businesses to organize better as well as increase overall productivity and save money in the long run. Companies don’t realize how much time and money they waste with inefficient office storage solutions. Let’s talk about some office storage solutions that can benefit you and your employees or coworkers.

High Density Shelving for Office Storage Solutions

Our high density shelving units are the best solution for managing a growing collection. Superior track design and an unrivaled tech support team make high density shelving an almost essential component of any serious storage project. Therefore, high density shelving systems from BSC can effectively double record storage capacity in your existing area or reduce floor space requirements by 50%.

Easy to use and aesthetically pleasing, our systems are a complete, professional high-density storage solution, with a flexible design, that can configure to meet the exact needs of any office facility, museum, library, law or healthcare office, manufacturing or industrial operation. Also, our high density shelving systems offers both mechanical and power systems to meet your operational needs.

Cantilever Library Shelving Storage

Our products are with a nationwide group of library equipment specialists who fully prepare to assist you in all phases of cantilever shelving and library bookstack planning. Additionally, our BSC office and library experts are happy to offer assistance with floor plan layouts, engineering data, product information, and budget pricing. BSC’s products cover all the storage needs of existing and new libraries.cantilever library shelving

With our cantilever shelving units, your files remain clearly visible and close at hand, greatly reducing retrieval time. Thus, this shelving solution maximizes filing space and improves filing efficiency. Our products surpass all American Library Association strength and durability standards.

Cantilever Shelves

Our cantilever shelves are made with front and back triple bends to prevent sagging, while wrap around base brackets become part of the frame, offering even greater stability. For example, each frame accommodates single or double face configuration.

Industrial Paper Shredders for Office Storage Solutions

It’s important to have a powerful shredder located nearby to easily dispose of this information. Industrial paper shredders from BSC is designed to handle heavy duty applications by shredding between 400 and 2,000 sheets of paper per day. Therefore, this is the perfect device for properly destroying Protected Health Information (PHI) before it’s discarded.

Industrial Shreddersindustrial paper shredders

Our industrial paper shredders use the latest technology. Some models feature full electronic capabilities including such safety features as Automatic Shutoff when the cabinet door opens and Auto Reverse to prevent an overfeed. Automatic On/Off and Bag Full Auto Off are features that offer both convenience and satisfaction in knowing you will be notified when it’s time to empty the box or change the bag. Normal office functions will not be bothered by the use of your Office Shredder.

Metal Storage Cabinets for Office Storage Solutions

One of our partners, Tennsco, offers a variety of metal storage cabinets, such as: Standard, Deluxe, Jumbo and Open-Style.metal storage cabinets

Standard Metal Storage Cabinets 

All of our standard metal storage cabinets come with a three point door locking mechanism for maximum security, Also, a reinforced doors for strength & durability. The built-in shelf support tabs secure shelves tightly to cabinet without clips or added parts. Additionally, heavy duty leaf hinges assure doors stay aligned. Raised base keeps materials out of harm’s way.

Deluxe Metal Storage Cabinets 

The deluxe metal storage cabinets have many componets. Components such as: Heavy-duty 16 gauge door frame for added durability. Heavy-duty knuckle hinges provide added strength and security, Integrated levelers compensate for uneven floors, Louvered back panel provides cabinet ventilation, Three point door locking mechanism for maximum security. Reinforced doors provide strength & durability, Built-in shelf support tabs secure shelves tightly to cabinet without clips or added parts, heavy duty leaf hinges assure doors stay aligned. Additionally a raised base keeps materials out of harm’s way.

Jumbo Metal Storage Cabinets 

48” wide cabinet provides 33% more storage space. Industrial box formed shelves have a 400 lb. load capacity. Also, integrated levelers compensate for uneven floors. Three point door locking mechanism for maximum security. Reinforced doors provide strength & durability. Built-in shelf support tabs secure shelves tightly to cabinet without clips or added parts, Heavy duty leaf hinges assure doors stay aligned. Additionally, a raised base keeps materials out of harm’s way.

Open-Style Metal Storage Cabinets 

When your storage application is inside a crowded room or in a narrow space and demands easy access to contents, our Open-Style Cabinets are the perfect solution. No doors allow it to use it in tight spaces, with clear visibility and easy access. Shelf Capacities: 36”w x 18”d – 150 lbs.; 36”w x 24”d – 200 lbs.; 48”w x 18”d – 400 lbs.; 48”w x 24”d – 400 lbs. Tabs securely support shelves and eliminate gaps. Also, resistance welded construction provides a strong, rigid and smooth connection. Keeps materials safe from mops and damaging cleaners. Shelves adjust in 2” increments. Exposed bolts are completely eliminated for a clean, professional appearance. Additionally, 48” wide units incorporate leveling feet for uneven floors.

Our Solutions and Locations

BSC works with industries all across the southeast such as: Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas, Georgia and Florida. Our main office is located in Birmingham, Alabama. Contact a local BSC representative for more information on our office storage solutions.