Day-Forward Scanning Creates a Smooth Digital Transformation

Mar 8, 2019Blog, Document Scanning

How Day-Forward Scanning creates a smooth digital transformation

Most, if not all, industries have paper records. These paper records are either stored in files (not particularly stored correctly) or overwhelm the employees that deal with these paper records on a day to day basis. This leads to the deciding point of whether or not scanning all the current paper records in the work place is necessary. Scanning all your paper records implements an electronic document management system.

So the problem many face is the overwhelming amount of paper records that are dealt with daily and the amount of time it consumes. On the other hand, converting a companies inventory of files- especially when dealing with a larger company-requires time and in most cases these companies simply don’t have that time to give.

With over 40 years of experience, BSC has the perfect solution. Day-forward scanning can create the perfect digital transformation your company is helplessly needing. We’ll discuss the behind-the-scenes process and how it can benefit each and every industry out there.

The digital transition with day-forward scanning

When your business still operates a paper-based record management system, the time it takes to track down and retrieve a single record during the course of daily business can seem unnecessarily long.

On top of this, if you were to suddenly drop everything for a day, week, or month just to scan convert all your company documents into an electronic format-even if it will vastly improve your work efficiently-your business would be even further pressed for time.electronic forms

This the perfect time for day-foward scanning services to take its course. At a fundamental level, day-foward scanning provides businesses a better way to connect traditional paper-based records and more modern electronic document management systems. (EDMS), but without the need to out your entire business goals on the back end during the conversion process.

How easy is day-foward scanning?

  • First, you get to pick the date where you will no longer keep paper files.
  • When that date arrives, all new company records will be scanned, stored, and managed digitally using an electronic document management system.
  • With your new EDMS, all your records will be indexed after storage, helping to speed up the retrieval time for records, improve your office efficiency, and decrease the cost of otherwise storing paper files in your office.

Day-forward scanning allows your company to continue operating at full efficiency. With this, your company can go back and use document scanning services to convert older paper records to the EDMS when time allows it.

Your record management system now being powered by day-foward scanning

Document and record management are critical aspects of every business in every industry but depending on the approach the process can be costly.

Day-forward scanning services allows a business to make their information accessible and useful to every employee-and without the costs and time associated with storing and locating paper documents or organizing a large-scale scanning project.

Benefits of day-forward scanning

  • Enhanced work efficiency and productivity
  • Disaster recovery and data backup in case of natural disasters such as flooding, fire, or environmental hazard
  • Near-instant record retrieval times
  • Improved security and off-site storage options
  • Save valuable floor space otherwise devoted to file storage

If you’re thinking about converting your paper records to a digital format but have hestiations on time and costs, contact a local BSC representative as we’re here to help. Schedule a free consulation and we’ll guide you every step of the way without interrupting day to day production.

Whether you work in healthcare, education, law enforcement, military, Government, contractor, or architect industries – BSC has you covered. See a full list of all our markets here.

We have a solution for every paper record – past and present. Call us at 205-988-3300 or email us at to get started.



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