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Feb 20, 2019Blog, Microfilm & Microfiche Scanning

We give you the inside scoop on why having on-demand scanning and conversion scanning on one scanner is important for easy, accurate and efficient work. Microfilm scanners/microfilm readers are innovative and scan clear records, archives, etc.

Microfilm readers have been great for reading all types of microforms: roll film, fiche, cartridges, micro opaques, and apeture cards. They’ve been great for printing copies of film images for sharing with others. But as the digital age unfolded, a gaping void became apparent. It wasn’t so simple to get those documents and images into digital formats with both speed and accuracy.

The Development of the All-In-One microfilm scanner/microfilm reader

Microfilm scanners have been developed to bridge a gap and many innovative features have made the transition to digital cost-effective and efficient. However, users typically needed two pieces of equipment – an on-demand scanner and a conversion scanner. The on-demand scanner was used to retrieve and transmit stored images. It was typically designed to be used on a desktop, incorporated many features familiar to computer users, and was low to mid-range priced. The traditional conversion scanners were designed to be high speed production units but were heavy and bulky, complicated to operate, and were priced at the high end.microfilm reader

Now, fortunately as technology has allowed on-demand scanners to become smaller, lighter, and more agile, conversion capabilities have been incorporated to combine the benefits of both on-demand scanners and conversion scanners – all on one piece of equipment and all in a size to fit on your desktop. If not revolutionary, this advance is certainly evolutionary for microfilm scanners.

The All-In-One microfilm scanner includes:

  • Standard base model
  • Roll Film Carrier | UCC 510 or 610
  • AUTO-Carrier | Automatic scanning of fiche
  • ScanPro Advantage Membership | Advanced software and performance enhancements, full access to updates and upgrades

The All-In-One microfilm reader is accessible for reading, scan print and convert your images with exceptional speed and accuracy – saving time and saving money. All current ScanPro models ( includes the ScanPro i9300, ScanPro 3000 and the ScanPro 2200) can ship from the factory as an All-In-One model maintains all of the features and benefits of the model that has been selected for its desired requirements. In addition, with the presence a roll film carrier and the new AUTO-Carrier, users are able to convert roll film and fiche automatically, like mentioned above. Thus, making the All-In-One scanner the only desktop scanning solution for all film types. This takes away any restrictions for industries with different film.

Work on-demand with the microfilm scanner

Today, with a combination scanner such as this All-In-One scanner, users have the ability to work in on-demand mode to retrieve stored information and share with others in multiple formats while also having the ability to work in conversion mode to perform high-speed file conversion operations. All this from one device, not two. Other benefits include:

  • Smaller dimensions
  • Confidential data no longer needs to be entrusted to outside services or third parties
  • Better security
  • Versatile and efficient results by your own facility

The All-In-One microfilm scanner was designed to meet the needs of our customers, both new and in the future. With its impressive array of on-demand features and its ability to automatically convert all film types, including fiche and jacketed fiche, the All-In-One scanner is the only scanner on the market that provides a universal solutions to handle entire film collections. All this on one small, inexpensive piece of equipment.

To learn more about our innovative microfilm scanners/microfilm readers, contact a local BSC representative.

**Here’s what some of our customers have to say about microfilm scanners!

“Wow This could really take our microfilm collection into the 21st century.”

“I need a quote on a scan pro immediately. I like what the Scan Pro does to microfilm”

Check out the video below for a quick demonstration of the All-In-One scanner in action.