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Jan 8, 2019Blog, Document Management

The Solution Story

Today we live in an age when information is one of our most powerful tools – and when more new knowledge can be generated in a week than once was created in centuries. It’s not only vital to know – it’s essential to be able to store and find the right information when you need it. That’s why Business Systems & Consultants, Inc. is here. BSC provides effective information management solutions. This is our story – how we offer efficient document and information management solutions.

You may not have heard of BSC, but you have heard of our satisfied customers in these industries.

  • Government Agencies
  • Financial Institutions
  • Healthcare
  • Insurance
  • Utilities
  • Manufacturing
  • Schools and Universities

We can offer practical, cost effective tools and strategies for managing your source documents, files, and for finding answers to your specific material handling problems.

Since 1976, BSC has helped hundreds of organizations improve the productivity of thousands of individuals working with millions of documents. Our experience and knowledge of applications help us uncover and analyze the issues affecting information flow, and then provide custom-tailored solutions.

As a founding member of ISDA and IIMDA (international dealer support groups), we can provide professional services and support anywhere in the U.S.

BSC continues to evolve, adding innovative products, programs and services to keep pace with your changing needs. Today we offer proven:

  • Consulting services
  • Cost-effective stand-alone and network-based document imaging systems
  • Complete micrographics systems
  • Document storage systems
  • File tracking and bar code managment software solutions
  • Document conversion services
  • Material handling systems
  • Complete software and hardware support services

Our dedicated employees are here to help you improve the productivity, performance and throughput of your information and material handling resources.

What sets us apart? It’s our continuing commitment to treat our customers as business partners and to always provide the very best products and service. To learn more about how we can help you, please give us a call.

Consultation Services for Document and Information Management

As the rapid growth in the volume of new information continues, a revolution is going on in document and file storage. Systems are evolving to offer better solutions but selecting the best choices for your unique requirements can have a steep learning curve. That’s why so many businesses rely on the expert advice of Business Systems & Consultants, Inc. Drawing on decades of experience, we help our clients make informed decisions on the best strategies for managing information effectively. We can provide training, application analysis and make recommendations on the most cost-effective systems for your filing, multi-media storage and document handling requirements.

Since 1976, BSC has built a reputation for thorough measurement and accurate recommendations working with hundreds of organizations in virtually every field of endeavor. BSC helps satisfied customers find the right information at the right time.

Working with executives, department managers, workgroup coordinators and supervisors, BSC consultants offer expert advice on applications, and business processes. We consult with staff directly involved in the process, and recommend the best custom-tailored solutions for:

  • Application throughput redesign
  • Space, location and facility redesign
  • Existing or new filing and document storage equipment implementation, modification or redesign
  • Improved handling and throughput processes
  • Complete procedures and control creation
  • Complete education of processing personnel, supervisors or executives
  • Complete conversion services for all existing or on-going documents and information media storage requirements
  • Improved business processes

If you’re part of a committee working to identify, quantitatively measure or make recommendations for improved filing and document managment, consider calling BSC for consultation.

Our objective and non-political approach, could offer a more expedient, cost effective and accurate measurement of your present requirements and recommendations for future needs.

Color Coded Filing Systems

Seeing what goes where is easy with BSC’s color coding filing system. Blocks of color make misfiles unlikely and easy to find and correct.

  • Color coding takes the time-consuming, intellectual task of filing and makes it visual – that is, quick, easy and efficient.
  • Specific sections of your filing system can be quickly identified according to blocks of color, leading to speedy location of files and records.
  • Color coded filing also makes filing faster and less error prone. A misplaced file normally requires examination of each individual folder – but with color coding, groups of color can be quickly viewed to identify a file that is in the wrong place.
  • Whether you file by letter or number, BSC’s color coding system can save you time, money and frustration.
Barcode Management Solutions

Tracking files and helping them find their way back to the right location is the foundation of any filing operation.

Barcoding Software allows you to index, track and manage any file (plain or color-coded), document, publication, book, dvd or other media throughout your entire organization.

The system generates customized barcodes you can apply to any item you want to track. The software acts as the records manager for you and provides you with instant information on:

  • File location
  • Assigned user
  • Date and time of removal
  • Date and time of return
  • Flagging of lost files
  • Files that need updating before return or reassignment

What sets our barcode-based record tracking and management software system apart is the unique management reporting package it offers.

With the push of a button, you can generate all of the management reports necessary to help you:

  • Estimate staffing requirements
  • Forecast peak load periods
  • Identify high use documents/files
  • Stay current with purge and retention policies

This exciting, proven and extremely cost-effective software system can help you dramatically improve productivity, reduce costs and take the files and media.

If you have a central filing department or a large, active filing area within your organization, it could be exactly the solution you’ve been searching for. To explore the possibilites, contact BSC for a free presentation and demonstration of our barcode record tracking software.

Document and Information Storage Systems

Even in today’s digital world, getting the job done usually depends on being able to put your hands on the right file at the right time. In fact, hard copy documents provide up to 70% of the information many office workers depend on to do their jobs accurately and efficiently.

That’s why a poorly designed or implemented filing system can have such a devastating effect on work flow-costing you as much as 50% to 100% in lost productivity.

Business Systems and Consultants, Inc. (BSC) is the regional leader in providing complete, state-of-the-art document storage filing solutions for every application.

We offer the finest document storage and filing systems equipment available from leading manufacturers, and we back every product with a guarantee of satisfaction, reliability and performance.

To learn more about how you can improve productivity, reduce costs and save space in critical filing areas, let us show you how. We can help you analyze your specific requirements and design a system of information filing and retrieval tools that really work for you.

High Density Mobile Storage Systems – Save 50% to 70% in space.

Open Shelving Storage Systems – Recommended for central file rooms, library book stacks, large parts and supplies.

Rotary Filing Solutions – For every executive and departmental office area. Double-depth rotary systems provide 50% more storage capacity than conventional files. They increase filing productivity by 30% to 60% and improve productivity 40% to 60%.

Vertical Carousel Systems – Improve productivity by 60%.

Conversion Services for Document and Information Management Solutions

Managing information is about managing change.

Changing information and changing regulations often leave offices overwhelmed. That’s why BSC conversion services can help. Our conversions result in more efficient information management and enhanced security. Multiple back-up systems ensure a company’s ability to continue business, even in emergency scenarios.

BSC can take you from paper to microfilm or digital images with nothing lost in translation. During the conversion process you will have access to your documents, with security provision for you and your clients.

BSC has offered conversion services through every technological change since 1976. Our conversion staff knows how to handle each document, smoothing every system transition.

The resulting records will be of the highest quality, produced by the most advanced imaging equipment and software in the industry. We have the volume to transfer all files – from a small office’s storage system to the high capacity records of a multinational firm.

We understand strict confidentiality. We understand customer’s versatility needs. We understand time constraints. We anticipate every issue that might arise during conversion. So let BSC’s professional conversion services help you manage information – and manage change.

Paper to Digital

Professional document scanning yields multiple results. Square footage is freed for other purposes. Information is available at the click of a mouse. And each document can be protected, with offsite back-up to insure disaster recovery. Proven benefits of the technology include more efficient access to information saving executive and clerical time.

And there’s more. A digital record of physical files can meet archival record requirements. That can be important when reconstructing an event or meeting regulatory specifications.

Film to Electronic

Microfilm has been a valuable media in the past. Many offices require immediate access that this media can’t provide. Let BSC convert your microfilm flies to an electronic format.

Paper/Electronic to Film

Some institutions require eye-readable backups. That’s why we provide microfilm services. The microfilm images can be stored offsite, meeting archival requirements. Microfilm images can be created from your digital images. Let BSC provide the service of creating a microfilm archival media.

Filming Services
  • Paper to microfilm conversion
  • Digital images to microfilm
  • Microfilm processing
  • Microfilm duplication
Digital Services
  • Purging services
  • Pick up and delivery services
  • Document scanning
  • Document preparation
  • Large format scanning
  • Quality control
  • OCR capabilities
  • Document and file indexing services
  • Physical media transfer of scanned images
  • Certified document destruction

Enterprise Content Management For Document and Information Management

BSC provides the management tools businesses need to manage and protect critical documents. But what is enterprise content management?

According to AIIM, “ECM is the technology used to Capture, Manage, Store, Preserve, and Deliver content and documents related to organizational processes.”

ECM will allow you to quickly create an “electronic file cabinet” and deliver images, documents, reports, and other business-critical information. Built on a central repository, ECM provides specific capabilities for high-speed image capture and storage and is designed for quick deployment. You can quickly access information from a universal desktop interface, enabling greater control over business, documents, enhancing the quality  of decisions, increasing customer service levels and improving employee productivity.

Proven Solutions

Using state-of-the-art tools, BSC provides enterprise content management systems that are powerful, yet easy to deploy, administer and use. Organizations of all sizes seek ways to improve business processes that are fueled by information. Greater control over information means greater control of the entire business.

Business professionals struggle with how best to manage and protect their critical documents and information assets. Our proven solutions allow customers to capture, organize, route, deliver, and archive business-critical information.

Capture and Access

Utilizing the numerous methods in which to capture not just your “documents” or “images”, you also get the data contained in those documents. OCR extracts information you specify from documents. The process starts once the document is scanned either locally or remotely. The software extracts data and eliminates the need for manual keying of information.

The software can be configured to connect to your existing database for table lookups to compare valid data.


Business processes are becoming more complex and important in today’s global economy. To increase business value enterprises are looking for ways to streamline their business processes, eliminate delays and bottlenecks, and maximize productivity.

Workflow helps organizations improve the efficiency and productivity of information-centric business processes by automating the flow of information through the organization. Workflow combined with the power of ECM integrated imaging and document management software can significantly increase your organization’s overall efficiency.


Sensitive business information is protected with access granted only to authorized users. Employees, auditors, customers and suppliers only see documents they are authorized to review.

Permanent log records, accessible for years, prove who viewed and/or modified documents. Key business materials can be created, accessed, safeguarded, archived or destroyed according to administrative, regulatory or legal requirements. Information that must be retained for legal compliance can be imported automatically.

Customized for your needs 

Create the applications, retrieval criteria or indexes required for your business environment. Images, documents, reports and other critical information can be captured, organized and delivered. Does your organization need to improve customer service with more rapid document retrieval? Does your staff need to increase productivity? BSC can meet all those needs and more.

Intelligent Data Capture 

Many of today’s documents and forms ultimately become part of your content management system. Therefore, the capture and indexing of those documents often proves challenging. Utilizing the numerous methods in which to capture not just your “documents” or “images”, you are also able to extract data elements contained in those documents.

Methods for capturing or extracting this data include:

  • OCR (Optical character recognition) reads machine print 
  • ICR (Intelligent character recognition) reads hand print 
  • OMR (Optical mark recognition) reads “fill in the bubble” or “select one” type options 
  • Barcode – reads and interprets barcodes 

Using any of these methods, you are able to provide verification, apply business rules and create output files. Extract data and eliminate the need for manual keying of information. Connect to your existing database for table lookups to compare valid data. Output can then be exported or stored in multiple applications and/or database.

Data extraction based on document type business requirements. Extraction ranges from simple indexing for archival to full data extraction for forms processing. 

  • Handprint (ICR)
  • Bar Code 
  • Machine Print (OCR)
  • Mark Sense (OMR)
  • Table and Columns 

With Intelligent data capture, documents are available more quickly, providing access on a timely basis. Data entry functions are minimized, therefore reducing labor costs. And finally, productivity and data accuracy are enhanced, while offering secure, controlled access to documents.

Support Services for Document and Information Management 

Because of the sophistication of today’s technology, the need for multiple site compatibility and the necessity for achieving a fair return on investment, decision makers are demanding that the solutions they purchase are backed by experienced national services and support organizations.

Both the founders and today’s management team at Business Systems & Consultants, Inc. (BSC) are committed to providing expert services and support for every one of their sophisticated information and material handling systems.

BSC is a cornerstone founder of the two largest national sales and support organizations for office and material handling systems in the United States.


BSC was the catalyst in the founding of the International Systems Dealer Association (ISDA). ISDA networked over 100 former Remington- Rand sales and offices throughout the United States to provide blanket coverage of support excellence for its customers. Today organizations can purchase products or services at one site and be guaranteed installation, training, sales, and ongoing support at any other site in North America, Alaska, or Hawaii. BSC is proud to be the exclusive member of ISDA in Alabama.

The International Systems Dealers Association (ISDA) consists of 78 member firms located throughout North America devoted to providing profit building document management storage system solutions to business, industry, and governmental agencies at all levels.  ISDA is the oldest and largest document management systems, marketing organization and buying cooperative in North America.


To address the needs of many of the document imaging and micrographics issues facing its customers today, BSC acted as a founding member of IIMDA to provide national service and support for information products throughout the United States.

Founded in 1984, IIMDA is a group of over 40 member-companies through the United States and Canada. IIMDA is the oldest and largest dealer group dedicated to document manage- ment and its surrounding scanning, micrographic and data management technologies. The independent nature of IIMDA members allow them to determine the best solutions for each client’s needs, regardless of the source of the solution. Locally owned and operated, IIMDA dealers bring an unbiased assessment of technology and services to their clients.

Consistency, compatibility, and service excellence for its customers are the objectives of these organizations. Unlike most organizations, BSC can provide a guarantee of national support in any location throughout the United States and Canada for ALL of its products, systems, and services.

Our Commitments 

Quality. Efficiency. Capacity. Versatility.

Those are the words we use to describe BSC’s customer commitment. Our first priority is to provide high quality information management solutions to enhance your productivity.

We pledge to customize our high capacity services to fit your needs. We will listen to your priorities. We will tailor today’s technology to help you develop the most effective, cost- efficient strategies to manage your information storage needs.

We are committed to helping you create a more productive office environment. And in the process we will make sure your records are more versatile, more easily accessed and yet more secure than ever before.

That’s BSC’s commitment to you. 

Want to speak with a representative for more details? Contact us at 205-988-3300 or 



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