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Jan 10, 2019Blog, Scanning Services

Step 1: What type of scanning do you need done.

Document Scanning Services in Alabama and Mississippi: 

BSC has been providing document scanning services for over 42 years throughout Alabama and Mississippi converting paper documents to digital format. There are many benefits to going paperless but some of the most important reasons include:

  • Improvement in workflow
  • Fast record retrieval
  • Lower document storage costs
  • Disaster Recovery
  • No more lost, stolen or misplaced files
  • Records compliance with retrieval laws
  • Remote access

It may seem like a big project that your office has been putting off. We will start off by picking up a sample box to understand your news in detail and provide you a proposal for the services that best fit your needs.

Our document management experts will convert your piles of file folders and warehouses of boxes records into digital images. Save yourself the time, training, manpower, cost of equipment by having BSC complete the work for you.

These files can be stored in a document management system to make it easiest to access from this day forward. We are here to help make the process as fast and painless as possible.

We understand how valuable your documents are to you and treat them with the upmost security and care.

high volume scannerYour documents are prepped for the scanners. This involves removing all the paper clips, staples, etc. Reformatting, locating and organizing papers as needed.

The actual scanning of the documents creating readable images that are closely monitored for quality.

Indexing the files. This is how the customer will locate the files in the future. Images are then uploaded to a CD/DVD or document management system.

Get a FREE box of files scanned today! Free quotes on: 

  • Document scanning 
  • Medical records scanning 
  • Electronic document management 
  • Microfilm conversion 

Medical Records Scanning Services in Alabama and Mississippi: 

BSC has been providing medical records scanning solutions since 1976 throughout Alabama and Mississippi. We can convert your paper file charts to electronic health records (EHRs) to help streamline your workflow processes and efficiencies.Electronic Health Records

The file will be easily locatable at your finger tips rather than walking down to a file room, locating the file some shelving and bringing back to your desk. Digitizing files is now mandated.

Most medical practices find scanning their documents to be a painful and timely process. We are here to make it easy: from picking up the records, scanning them, helping you implement a document management system, then returning the files/ storing them for you or shredding them if need be.

The process step by step: 

  • Pick up the medical files from your practice and delivered to the BSC service bureau. 

Preparation of the charts: 

  • Breaking them down into single sheets to go through the scanner. All notes and files are set in a standard size. 
  • Scanning each page to a digital image. 
  • Indexing the files so they are locatable with your EHR system.

Contact us today to price your old medical record files. They are based on the volume and the amount of prep work time required. 

Microfilm Scanning Services: 

Microfilm and Microfiche was used commonly back in the days to store many documents in a small space. Things have changed in days day and age. Elimination of the microfilm rolls, microfiche and equipment will save much space, money and time. BSC converts 16mm, 35mm microfiche and aperture cards with our scanning equipment in fast turnaround time.microfilm scanner

Step 2: Where to store the image

Electronic Document Management Systems: 

The next step is to discuss where you are doing to store them. Eliminating the idea of having CD’s with them on brings you to consider the advantages of digital document imaging system.

An electronic document management system (EDMS) makes retrieval, storage, security, sharing of digital documents simple. BSC will help determine a system that best fits your needs according to size, cost, and solutions.

Things to think about for your EDMS: 

  • Where will your documents be stored? 
  • How are they retrieved? 
  • Who has access to them? 
  • How are they found? 
  • Disaster recovery plan? 
  • Security and authorized access? 
  • How are they shared?

Let BSC improve your workflows and processes today with a free consultation and analysis throughout Alabama and Mississippi.


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