Industries rely on paper. Paper is everywhere. What if we had a solution where we didn’t have to rely on paper? What if we could convert your paper documents to electronic form so every day tasks could process faster, data could store securely and quickly, you could retrieve data instantly, and your overall productivity could increase substantially. One industry in particular, large school systems, have seen first hand how handling paper records can be a hassle. We’re walking you through a scenario where a school system was running out of storage space for their records and BSC used student record management or document management solutions to fix their problems.

The problem before applying proper student record management to your record processing

School systems can see problems occuring where student records are being stored in paper. Schools can quickly run out of storage space like this particular school system. They followed a manual process for retrieving records and it slowed down productivity. Students transferring to another school district would have to get student records physically mailed thus incurring mailing costs. You can see where they were losing money and time with this process.

The solution with BSC’s student record managament system

Business Systems & Consultants Inc partners with FileBound to provide exceptional Document Management Systems to fit your exact needs. In this particular case, FileBound Document Management Systems along with high volume centralized scanning with electronic capture on front end with barcode separators to subdivide files automatically during scanning created a quicker process for the school system. This eliminated wasteful time when sending physical records and storing paper records in file rooms.

The benefits school systems see with student record management

Some benefits the school system gained with student record management:

  • Elimination of the need to store paper records and now retrieve electronically thus eliminating storage costs.
  • Elimination of the need to mail physical records to other schools when a student transfers. Simply email records to requestor. No more physical mailing.
  • Integration with Student record management system allowed a crosscheck for list of student transfers. This crosscheck revealed roughly 100 students that were mistakenly in their SMS database as transfers that were current students. The federal government subsidizes the school district about $10,000 per student and therefore with the help of Filebound the school district gained around $100,000 in Federal monies.

Be a part of this amazing transition

Schools everywhere may still be dependent on paper. Student records are reoccurring as new students enroll in a particular school system. If your filing rooms are getting full with paper records or if you’re ready to help your employees gain better time management to focus on the students, let BSC help you make that electronic transition. We are always happy to help.

Contact our expert sales team at 205-988-3300 or to gain a better understanding of this process and how we can help you every step of the way.