Medical Records Scanning & The Benefits of Having A Paperless Office

Dec 9, 2018Blog

Working in the healthcare industry or particularly the dental field you know your patient’s records contain highly sensitive information that must be handled with care. As we’ve discussed in recent blogs on electronic medical records (EMR) and electronic health records¬†(EHR) dealing with paper records can lead to a stressful environment and cause your employees to slow down regular production. We talk about how easy it is to transform your office to a digital format while still being able to store paper files in a retrieval system that can easily manage and organize files that need to stay onsite. BSC discusses dental records scanning and the benefits of having a paperless office. Our solutions give your office the chance to increase productivity, efficiency, and versatility. We know how important patients are and we know how aggrevating it is for them to wait hours upon hours in the waiting room. Transforming into a paperless office gives you more time for your patients and for you to attract new patients.

Dental Records Scanning and Its Benefits

Dental records scanning can improve efficiency, reduce costs, and increase security at your practice.

The Paperless Route. Why?

Patient charts and other documents are among the most important parts of a dental practice, making it important to ensure you’re using the most efficient system possible for managing them.

As technology advances it’s becoming more common to scan dental records and adopt an electronic system for storing files, as it offers a range of advantages including but not limited to:

  • Lower cost
  • Greater efficiency and productivity
  • Safeguards for physical and malicious threats

Saving money with dental records scanning

Going paperless helps reduce or altogether eliminate many of the indirect costs that come with hard-copy dental records.

When scanning dental records and adopting a paperless practice you’re able to clear out all the space previously used for hard copies and this resuts in opening up new space for more productive purposes like extra patient chairs.

Another advantage of digitizing your files is the time you save on otherwise writing patient records and filing them manually. By scanning patient charts, time previously spent on looking for files can be used for more productive purposes.

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Not only would digitizing your dental records scanning save productivity and manual labor it would also save those everyday supplies you had to use when physically writing patient records. This could include stationary, printer ink, and office supplies.

Production benefits with dental records scanning

Paperless dental practices streamline many of the time-consuming tasks that come with hard-copies such as filing patient charts and tracking down ones that are misfiled or lost.

Access to files can now be quicker as employees on average spend 15+ minutes a day searching for files and though it may seem insignificant per day that time adds up quickly.

With electronic health records and electronic medical records though users are able to search for dental records by keyword and when using files they don’t need to remove or replace them from their storage place – in turn helping to imporve time and allowing multiple people to use a chart at the same time.

Say goodbye to misplaced records. Losing track of patient records can lead to issues ranging from time management to potential legal risks. With electronic files on the other hand patient records can be accessed without needing to remove them from their location – eliminating the chance for it to be misfiled or lost.

Security at its finest

Dental records management benefits from theft and misuse. With electronic records, it’s easy to backup data to an offsite location. When you’re able to always have a secure second copy for a fallback, it creates an insurance policy against damage like fire or flood.

Electronic health records systems used to manage electronic dental records implement multiple safeguards to protect files from potential tehft and misuse.

Are you ready to take your practices to the next level? Paperless offices can create better productivity and increase attendance for new patients. Contact a local BSC representative at 205-988-3300 for more information and learn how easy the transition could be for you.