5 Document Imaging Capabilities Your Office Needs

Dec 12, 2018Blog, Document Imaging

Document imaging capabilities are crucial to any organization that needs to digitize, process and store paper documents. Industries such as Healthcare, Education, Public Safety, Law Enforcement, Government, and others all use paper day in and day out. Rather than searching through filing cabinets to find documents, forward-thinking organizations are using document imaging systems to quickly find the information they need to make business decisions. Here are 5 important document imaging capabilities that every office needs.

1. New User Interface for document imaging capabilities 

A completely refreshed, streamlined, and easy-to-use interface. This feature is a context-driven navigation and a new document viewer that brings a rich experience to nearly any compliant browser without plug-ins.

2. High-Volume Capture within document imaging capabilities 

Document imaging systems feature customizable folder structures in which all documents can be stored and accessed on demand. Document imaging systems should give user the ability to import documents in multiple ways – from scanning single sheets of a document to batches of documents at a time.

To add, leading document scanning systems include convienent mobile capture options that allow users to import photos taken with smartphones or tablets as these have become a more useful technology system and sends it directly into the repository.

Lastly, some document imaging capabilities give users in multiple departments and geographic locations the ability to scan documents into the same repository and this is regardless of the capture tool being used. How neat is that?

3. Simplified Administration and Remote Management

A new administration interface eliminates need for a desktop client, allowing for a simple deployment that can be managed over the web. This can help you save money in the work place and allows employees to focus on other important tasks.

4. Full-Text Search and OCR

A key reason for implementing document imaging software is to gain instant access to crticial documents. In order to search for specific keywords inside a document, the document imaging system must have a built-in master index of searchable text – which is generated using optical character recognition (OCR).

5. Broadened support for authentication

You can easily recieve support for single sign-on technologies and authentication engines enables tight integrations with other applications, improves security, and provides a seamless user experience.

Features you can find with document imaging capabilities

  • Provides an enterprise ready solution, optimized for departmental content
  • Provides access to data anywhere, any time, on any device for real time decision-making and faster processes
  • Automates physical and digital content ingestion and classification to improve accuracy with capture options, including advanced recognition
  • Enables information sharing using familar business and productivity applications
  • Transforms paper-based processes into digital workflows to improve efficiency and reduce costs
  • Provides document retention and disposition policies in the background to mitigate risk, reduce cost, and meet compliance goals
  • Eliminated lengthy deployment times providing rapid time to value
  • Provides a cost-effective document management solution with a concurrent user licensing model

You can read more about the process and its features in the brochure here

If you’re ready to take contol of your document filing systems then we have the document imaging capabilities you need to create the most efficient work place in the office. BSC helps companies in Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi, Georgia, Florida, Arkansas, and surrounding southeast cities. Contact a local BSC representative at 205-988-3300 to get started.