Medical Record Storage Solutions for HealthCare Industries

Nov 15, 2018Blog

As an office administrator you may find that working with medical records day in and day out can be quite exhausting. Without proper storage you may find yourself scrambling for patient records that you may need in a timely fashion. BSC offers storage solutions for medical records and more. Having proper storage for medical records is not only necessary but it is stated by HIPPA that all records must be properly stored to insure patient safety is being implemented. Let’s take a look at some of our medical record storage solutions below.

Document Management in Medical Settings

First and foremost, we understand the importance of document management in medical settings, we adhere to all healthcare industry guidelines and always use the highest levels of security when handling patient files and other sensitive documentation.

Medical Record Mobile Shelving & Automated Storage Shelving Systems for Proper Medical Record Storage

Medical Record Shelving BSC have supported healthcare industries and built trusting relationships with companies who needed medical record storage. We offer medical record mobile shelving, high density shelving systems, rolling files, movable shelving, automated storage shelving systems like the Hanel Rotomat pictured above, and filing supplies such as medical record charts and file folders to help you properly store important records to insure your patients are being taken care of properly.

Health Information Management

We offer medical chart shelving that could help your hospitals, doctor’s offices, and pharmacies organize and securely store health information management (HIM). We want to provide storage that won’t take up your entire work space but still allow you to easily find and store medical records.

Our products offer ease of use, durability, easy installment, and security to benefit your business. Medical record shelving and high density shelving systems are designed to keep your patient charts and medical records organized while keeping your office space efficient. Our movable shelving and rolling files are designed for your particular space to provide the utmost efficiency in your healthcare industries.

Organization is key. Being organized keeps you from losing records which could affect HIPPA regulations and cause a mess within your medical departments and also keeps employee productivity at its highest as employees no longer have to scramble to find a patients records but rather go to our automated storage shelving systems or movable shelving and retrieve patient records in a matter of seconds.

Filing Supplies to Organize Medical Records

Within our medical record storage solutions we offer filing supplies that make searching for a particular file easy and convenient. Medical records charts and file folders can be used easily find a patients records. Color coded filing supplies can be helpful when differentiating between two patients records or trying to find Jon Doe’s medical records.File Record Shelving

Properly organizing files so you can find them when you need them is essential to any organization. Time spent searching for misplaced files can be lessened with side tab folders and color coded filing supplies.

File Relocation for Medical Record Storage

Business Systems & Consultants, Inc. provides installation and file relocation if needed. When files are an important aspect to your business especially in the healthcare industry dealing with medical records we understand that it means a lot to move these files from one place to another. When performing physical paper file moves for our clients, files are carefully packed into carts. All carts are wrapped to ensure a safe journey to its destination.

Records are the memory of your business and the tools which your personnel require to conduct business. When time comes to relocate medical records its best to let the professionals handle it. BSC can successfully relocate your records with security assurance and in the shortest possible time.

If you feel you are scrambling for storage solutions to increase employee productivity and to reduce to chance of violating HIPPA regulations contact a local BSC representative as we know how to handle these situations and offer trusting medical record storage solutions for any healthcare industry.

Don’t let your administration department stress about proper medical record storage and let the professionals help you make your healthcare department organized and secured.