The In’s and Out’s of the Microfilm Scanner

Oct 18, 2018Blog, Microfilm & Microfiche Scanning

As the season approaches, it may be time to consider a scanner for your old microfilm that may not be clearly visible anymore. The microfilm scanner offers some many easy to use functions and prominently shows a clearer text and picture from your microfilm. Your library may be full of microfilm that customers and employees would love to continue using but if it’s not easily readable or easily retrievable without the chance of it being ruined then it could be sitting on shelves collecting dust and not being used the way it could be. The Mississippi Library Association has an annual conference that allows companies to demo their products, such as ScanPro microfilm scanners, in hopes that your company can use their products to support old microfilm and text that could otherwise not be read. One of our sales representatives, Jeff Shackelford, has been demoing the ScanPro i9300 at the 2018 Conference this week and has been able to show how easy it is to function and how visible the text really is with this one of a kind product.

Why the ScanPro is the best

You may have heard about these amazing products but you may not know why libraries, research facilities and universities are choosing these microfilm scanners. There are many things that set these products apart from others some like to call this the ScanPro difference. 

Microfilm Scanner Features & Benefits

Three main differentiators can be broken down into reliability, performance and ease-of-use. Business Systems and Consultants, Inc only partner with vendors who have reliable products and we can count on e-imageData to have just that. Reliability of the ScanPro starts with the initial construction of the actual product. The microfilm scanner is built with heavy gauge steel and use steel ball bearings for smooth operation. It is common to hear a scanner that has run millions of scans and still works like a brand new machine. The ScanPro microfilm scanner proves to keep its high performance throughout every scanning process. We know that customers want the hundredth scan to look just like the first scan did so we count on our machines to give you just that. Pure quality and high performance for accurate scans every time. These capabilities are what makes it possible to provide exceptional features like continual image focus, wide range optical zoom, automatic film scanning and library quiet operation, and all with exceptionally low power usage. You want a product that customers can easily manage and not cause problems or delays in their daily to-dos. The ScanPro microfilm scanner allows this and more. We know that reliability and performance are very important for a product in any industry but what about ease-of-use? When you have tens of hundreds of people using resources within a library you want to be sure you have a product that is easy to use for all customers.  The microfilm scanner software (PowerScan) is a Windows computer application with familiar icons and text labels to further reduce the learning curve for both occasional and first time users. The last thing you want is a frustrated customer using a product in the library. The film selection wizard can be accessed by one click to automatically set up your scanner for any microfilm application. Customizing this setting is easy and quick for any user. Research and look ups are done by the click of a button to quickly help new users and an on screen help menu is right at your finger tips so you never have to stress about not knowing how to scan your microfilm. There’s no other microfilm scanner on the market that provides these powerful features and tools to satisfy any customer. Plus, all these features follow along with every product e-imageData has to offer.

Are you ready to take a chance on the ScanPro Microfilm Scanner?

BSC has provided microfilm scanning solutions to many industries for several years. We’re thankful for conferences like the MLA Mississippi Library Show that allows us to demo these products to truly show you what they are capable of and how easy they are to use. Many of our clients have only positive things to say about the ScanPro microfilm scanner.

What others are saying about the Microfilm Scanner

Here’s just a few thoughts clients have about this spectacular product: “I can’t believe how easy it is to operate.” – anonymous “The autofiche carrier would make our life much easier, we really need one of these.” – anonymous “I hear you have the best film machine on the market.” – anonymous We’ve had great responses from those who are able to see how it works and what its capabilities truly are. We are more than happy to show you demos outside of conferences and shows as we know getting a true grasp of this kind of product is important. We have a quick demo on video of the ScanPro microfilm scanner below for a quick visual, check it out and contact a BSC rep at for more information on this product. There are many scanner options and styles to offer including the ScanPro All-In-One, ScanPro i9300, Scanpro 2200, ScanPro 2200+, and the ScanPro 3000. All these products follow the incredible features and benefits spoken about above.  Microfilm is something that will continue to exist and will be something that constantly needs preserving. As microfilm ages, the ability to clearly read and understand the content it holds can get challenging. Being able to rely on a product that will give you efficient outcomes and allow you to read old, outdated microfilm will be crucial in time if that isn’t today it could be soon. Considering a microfilm scanner could save you so much time and money from the possibility of destroying microfilm that has important information on it. Help those who come to your libraries, research facilities, and universities to read microfilm to get a clear picture of the text that microfilm contains. If you have more questions feel free to contact us as we have representatives who specialize in these products.    

Find Your Blip With Exceptional Accuracy.

The ScanPro® i9300 microfilm scanner is the product you’ve been waiting for to bring your image-marked, or blipped, film into the digital age.