Solutions For A Messy Desk

Oct 9, 2018Blog, Document Scanning

It may come as a surprise to you how devastating office clutter and disorganization can be. Research shows that the average person wastes 4.3 hours per week searching for paper, which increases stress and reduces concentration and creative thinking.

Meanwhile, the average executive loses an hour of productivity every single day searching for missing information. Think about how much time you could be gaining in your daily tasks.

Another big burden is the fact that small businesses face is the inability to service customers in an efficient manner as a result of mishandled paperwork. One of the leading causes of disorganization and mishandled paperwork is a messy desk.

A messy desk leads to misplaced documents, lost information, and increased stress. It can also impact how people view you which can lead to high levels of self-consciousness.

“According to a new survey of over 1000 workers by staffing firm Adecco, a majority of Americans (57%) admit they judge coworkers by how clean or dirty they keep their workspaces,” Forbes contributor Jenna Goudreau reports. “Meanwhile, nearly half say they have been ‘appalled’ by how messy colleagues’ office is and most chalk it up to pure laziness.” Check out an article on tips for a messy desk.

A messy desk can deter you from the amount of work you could actually get done in a day. So how should you handle this? What are some solutions BSC has to offer you?

Solutions for a Messy Desk

Business Systems & Consultants, Inc. offers document scanning solutions and document scanners that stores your documents in a proper and secure network. Your documents can then be shredded if no longer needed or you can securely store them in an office rotomat that properly organizes and separates documents according to your industries needs. The office rotomat stores documents in folders and they can be stored to easily be retrieved at a moments notice. We also provide folders and labels that can be used to organize your paper documents and your desk will be clear of papers and your productivity would increase.

Digitize Everything

You’ll be shocked to know how much space is taken up by paper alone. The good news is that there’s an alternative – storing and organizing these files digitally. A digital filing system reduces clutter and eliminates chances of losing or misfiling important documents. Scanners like Canon document scanners have built in features like OCR that allow you to add keywords and create searchable files. They are easy to navigate and suitable for use in the office or at home. Scan and digitize your documents for better productivity.

Cloud-Based Services

BSC provides a cloud-based solution that keeps documents from being lost or placed in the wrong hands. Files are protected and can only be accessed by specific users. Don’t let a messy desk keep you from increasing your productivity. A messy desk can lessen your chances of better sales and better business. A messy desk can change the way you view your company and the way people view you. Contact a local BSC rep for your scanning needs and get rid of the clutter on your desk. Let us help you increase your work productivity.