Management Solutions for K-12 School Systems

Oct 4, 2018Automation, Document Management

You know student safety is more critical than ever. How much more confident would you feel if you had an automated, simple way for staff, students, and families to report concerning or dangerous incidents to your counseling team – anytime, from anywhere? What if the team received instant alerts so they could take action quickly, and every step in the intervention was automatically documented in the student’s file? Your document management solutions can be easily accessed and digitized with BSC solutions.

Document Management Solutions

We have your solution. BSC partners with FileBound to empower schools to open the lines of communication effortlessly, so students stay safe. Alerts are automatic, and documentation is securely stored in FileBound’s centralized repository for future retrieval.

Stats on Student Safety

Consider the statistics we highlighted in our last email concerning student safety:

  • 1 in 10 schools reported a weaponized threat in 2015-16 school year.
  • 21% of students reported being bullied at school.
  • From 2007 to 2015, suicide rates for teen girls increased by 50%, and went up by more than 30% for teen boys.

There’s a myriad of issues that affect student safety, but one thing is clear: to facilitate a successful intervention, you must provide your students, staff, and community a simple, reliable way to report concerning behavior – with immediate results. Time is of the essence. BSC and FileBound partner together to open the lines of communication so your staff has the tools in place to keep your students safe. What more can your district be doing? Schedule a free demo with BSC to find out! Check out FileBound’s video for more information by clicking the button below.