Reasons To Purchase An Industrial Shredder For Your Scanned Documents

Sep 27, 2018Blog

You’ve scanned your documents. Now what? Rather than keeping stacks of paper stored in space you could be using for other products think about investing in an industrial paper shredder. An industrial shredder would allow for ease of use, better efficiency, and better time management.

The Importance of Industrial Shredders

With the widespread use of networked printers and fax machines, confidential information is constantly being produced throughout the workday. You could potentially be giving out a person’s private information without proper disposal of the documents.

It’s important to have a powerful industrial shredder located nearbyto easily dispose of this information. Industrial paper shredders are designed to handle heavy duty applications by shredding between 400 and 2,000 sheets of paper per day. If you work in the healthcare industry, this could be the perfect device to properly destroy Protected Health Information (PHI) before it’s discarded.

Business Systems and Consultants Inc. partners with Dahle Shredders to provide you the most efficient industrial shredders.

We live in an age where identity theft is at its highest it’s ever been. Documentation in use today is truly as much a weapon for bad people as any traditional one due to the number of ways it can be used for exploitation of people.

Eliminating The Risk

Most industries work with paper every day and most offices typically contain some sort of disposal for documents. Our industrial paper shredders lessen the risk of:

  • Identity Theft
  • Fraud
  • Espionage
  • Reputation
  • Waste Management

The Latest Technology Advances Productivity

Dahle’s industrial paper shredders use the latest technology. Some models feature full electronic capabilities including such safety features as Automatic Shutoff when the cabinet door opens and Auto Reverse to prevent an overfeed. Automatic On/Off and Bag Full Auto Off are features that offer both convenience and satisfaction in knowing you will be notified when it’s time to empty the box or change the bag.

Normal office functions will not be bothered by the use of your office shredder. Each cutting cylinder is encased in an all-steel frame and sits on rubber shock mounts. It’s this design that reduces vibration through the cabinet and provides whisper quiet operation. With its ease of use and efficient capabilities, our partner’s industrial paper shredders could be a favorite within the office.

Dahle Shredders is a fully integrated manufacturer of innovative office products and equipment with a brand name recognized for quality and precision. They market several products and allow us to deliver effective solutions for your office needs.

Why You Should Purchase An Industrial Shredder

BSC works with industries like yours to bring better productivity, time management, and ease of use with products that can eliminate potential risks within the office. Purchasing an industrial shredder would allow you to stress less about threatening someone’s identity, lessen the risk of fraud, and allow your employees to focus on more productive tasks.

Want to know more about our industrial shredders? Think it’s time to invest in one yourself? Contact a local BSC representative for more information and let us help you every step of the way!