Out With The Old Check Scanners and In With The New

Sep 25, 2018Blog, Document Scanners

Do you have an older image formula Canon CR-180 Check Scanner? Canon CR-180 model scanners have come to the end of life. Canon is no longer making parts for this model and the Canon check scanner parts are becoming harder and harder to find as inventories are running lower by the day. You can call us today to find out more about trading in your outdated scanner for the newer model CR-190 ii.

 A little bit more about the imageFormula Canon CR-190 ii check transport scanner:

This check transport scanner is capable of handling large volumes of checks to better the efficiency of payment processes and treasury management in marks like banks/credit unions/financial institutions, utility companies, and other industries. The features of the CR-190 ii scanner are perfect for lockbox, remittance processing, and bank office/branch capture. The check transport scanner is compatible with most all check processing software systems. EcarePAK (exchange services) are available from BSC as well.

Reliable Performance specs for the Canon CR-190 ii scanner:

  •  scans both sides of an item in 1 scan, 190 items per minute
  •  holds up to 250 items
  •  handles variety of documents
  •  personal and business check options
  •  rebate check cards too
  •  withdrawal and deposit slips
  •  tickets, coupons, envelopes
  •  includes 200 eject pockets
  •  formulated to help eliminate misfeeds
  •  detects double feeds
  •  detection devise

Advantages of Image Quality for the Canon Check Scanner:

  • Automatic size detection
  • MICR data capture
  • MOCR (magnetic optical character recognition
  • MICR reading and OCR processing
  • Straighten scanned images
  • Sharp image capture

Advantages of the check scanner design:

  • low maintenance
  • enclosed mechanics
  • smooth paper path
  • countertop design size
  • easy change out of ink cartridge, clear jams, and clean scanning  glass

check scanner

How to Extend the life of your Canon Check Scanner:

Do you want to extend the life of your scanner? BSC has options and accessories available to help ensure that your new scanner is running peak performance at all times. Service agreements are available so that you only pay a one time annual fee for any maintenance calls for onsite and depot service plans. Ask us about our one year warranty plans today. We partner with Canon to bring reliable technology into your business; call a local BSC rep today for more information!