Are you tired of the high costs of manually listing check amounts on deposit slips, manual research processes, and hardcopy distribution? We may have a solution for you! AQ2 streamlines lockbox processing by integrating advanced imaging, optical character recognition and scanning technologies to maximize return, mitigate risk and increase performance. Lockbox enables financial institutions to reliably process retail, wholesale and commercial lockbox transactions.

Some features of the lockbox are listed below:

  • A full-featured check capture and electronic deposit solution for lockbox processors
  • Automatically reject checks from non-customers (closed/canceled accounts)
  • Supports multiple accounts; specify file type generated (x9.37 & x9.100) for each account

With AQ2’s lockbox, you can improve core business processes and profitability as well as improve lockbox processing efficiencies. Using check capture technology can significantly reduce operations and labor costs.

Check out the Lockbox document below for more information and let us help you improve your businesses profitability!

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