Do you need maintenance work done on your older scanners? Are your parts worn out? Do you need to order consumable parts for them?


REPAIR: BSC has been installing and repairing scanners since 1976. We have factory trained technicians that can diagnose and repair some of your legacy document, microfilm, and check scanners. We can do onsite or depot maintenance depending on your preference.  Just box it up, and mail it in for repair!


SERVICE AGREEMENT: We can also offer you service agreements where you pay a one time fee for unlimited calls and inclusion of parts.


UPGRADE: If your old scanner is worn out, let us price you on an upgrade.


The scanners we can work on are not limited to just these:


-Reader Printers

-Check Scanners

-Canon CR series

-Canon DR Series

-CR-55, CR-180, CR190ii, CR-50, CR-135i, CR-190, CR-180ii, 3080C, 5010C, 5020, 5060, 6010C, 6080C, 9080C, C240, G1100, MP90, MP60, MS800, MS300, MS 350, MS400, MS800, NP880,


Bell & Howell:


– NGenuity



-Image Formula

-Mekel Mach



609Z, MS6000, Minolta Book Scanners, Minolta RP,RP 605, RP606, RP600


Scanpro models:







And many more!

Give us a call to get your scanners in optimal condition ASAP. (205) 988-3300