The use of paper has had a slow but steady decline in the past twenty years. Even with this decline, about two pounds of paper is being used every day by the average office worker. Businesses still have requirements that keep physical copies of documents for a number of years. Fortunately, modern day technology has enabled far more efficient storage methods for both physical and digital records management.

High density storage is a great way to make the most out of valuable office storage space. The use of high density storage prevents businesses from having to relocate or expand their facility just because they run out of space to store documents and supplies. Our high density storage solutions can increase storage space by 50-75%. These high density storage solutions can be mobile, adjustable, and customizable to fit specific spatial needs. These cutting edge systems make sure that your filing and records management is just as efficient and productive as the digital aspects of your business.

Microfilm scanning is another efficient option to manage paper records. Small rolls of microfilm can pack tons of information into a tiny space. Scanning them makes your documents easy to access. Because microfilm is such a durable technology, it is a great option for important physical records that need to stand the test of time. Libraries, archives, government agencies, and universities have turned to BSC for their physical storage needs. We handle both physical and digital document management, making the entire process easy for you.

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