How to Protect Your Valuable Documents from Natural Disasters


Whether your documents are electronic or paper, they are vulnerable to data loss. Unexpected data loss can be a huge damage to a company. It can cause delays in business operations, unnecessary costs, and security breaches. It is vital that a business has a plan put in place to protect their documents in case of a natural disaster such as severe weather, fire, floods, or even termite damage.

The best disaster plan is one that maintains the integrity and confidentiality of imperative data, and allows you to quickly resume after a potential loss. It is best to have multiple sources to recover your documents. Here are some tips to secure your important records:

  • Make digital copies of your documents through scanning, and store these files on an external solution such as a hard drive, flash drive, or cloud storage file.
  • Store copies of your documents offsite in case of physical damage to your office.
  • Invest in weather and fire resistant cabinets for on-site documents.
  • Use a document management service. BSC offers content management solutions with numerous benefits, including securing your documents.
  • Ensure that your most valuable files such as legal documents, titles, insurance records, and deeds, are stored in multiple secure locations, and backed up regularly.


Call Business Systems & Consultants today to make a plan to help protect your valuable records. We offer physical and digital solutions to help keep your documents safe.