3 Warehouse Safety Tips

According to the Bureau of Labor statistics, more than 3 million accidents occur in the workplace every year, and many of them occur in warehouses. Over $1,000,000,000 is spent per week on workers’ compensation costs in the U.S. There are many ways to prevent workplace injuries to help lower and avoid these costs. Here are 3 warehouse safety tips that can help you create a safer warehouse environment.

1. Provide Proper Training

Accidents happen when staff do not know what they are doing and haven’t been trained. An important part of ensuring safety is to provide proper equipment and training. Provide protective equipment such as gloves, eyewear, masks, etc. Also, ensure that every employee is properly trained in materials handling, forklift driving, and equipment use. Be alert and aware of your surroundings and watch out for any accident-prone situations.

2. Maintain Clean Environment

A clean, safe environment is crucial to keeping the warehouse safe. Make sure that aisles and passageways are clear at all times. Immediately clean up spills or hazards that can cause injuries.You do not want to have any obstructions in the way of your workflow. Dispose of all trash in proper containers.

3.  Ensure Safe Material Handling

The process of handling materials can be very prone to accidents if not handled correctly. Make preparation the first step in every job by checking the load. Always use safe lifting techniques- make sure you can see over the load when carrying it. Load heavy objects on the bottom and secure bulky/loose items when using a pallet jack or hand truck. It is always best to push, not pull when using manual material handling equipment.


Safety in warehouse management can protect the health and lives of employees. By taking the right precautions, your company can help prevent illness and injury, and become a safe and healthy workplace.

We believe in safety as the first priority and BSC is proud to say that all of our products have safety features and our technicians are all OSHA certified and compliant. Contact BSC michellelee@www.www.bscsolutions.com or (205)988-3300 to see how we can help you create a safer warehouse environment!