Have you seen our webinars? We’d like to take this time to share our latest webinar, “Automating Workflow for HR/Human Capital”.

Our most recent webinar covered topics related to automating the workflow process for your Human Resources on-boarding process for K-12 institutions. Time is gold, and while it’s a cliché you probably hope to never hear again, it’s the truth. Time saved is gold saved, and that is perhaps one of the foremost benefits of workflow automation. This webinar served as a quick guide on how workflow automation can work for you school, as well as spell out the benefits of implementing this workflow solution.

Topics included the following:

Capture: Cost-effectively scan the files I need, when I need.
Repository: Easily gain access to files anywhere.
Workflow: Increase productivity while decreasing cost of quality.
Integration: Seamlessly integrate with systems already in place.

The benefits of workflow automation are numerous. That’s owing to the fact that when you save a ton of time with workflow automation software, there’s a whole slew of other things you save as well – perhaps not gold in the literal sense, but things that eventually lead to more gold.

Here’s a recording of the webinar as well as the slide decks for your review; we encourage you to share these resources with colleagues and friends.

This informative webinar serves as a great resources for your company when considering automating the workflow process of your HR or Human Capital department. Also, take a look at our Conversion Services brochure. This newly revamped information sheet gives great insights into what solutions we have to off in terms of microfilm, scanning services, and file conversion. Over the next few months, we’ll be debuting new versions of all our brochures and information sheets on BSC’s document management solutions such as workflow, automation, material storage, and many other document management solutions.

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